Guerre des gangs

25 10 2009

Si vous aimez le sexe et la drogue (ou pas), lisez Maximum City: Bombay lost and found de Suketu Mehta. Il y parle des caïds des gangs de Bombay qui aiment leur poulet bien cuit et offrent des petits nounours à leur pute préférée.

Extraits choisis :

In Azamgarh [petit village], says Ishaq [un gangster], the paan-wallahs [vendeur de chique de tabac] do a side trade in guns. You can buy an AK-47, smuggled from Nepal, from a paan stand for sixty-five thousand rupees [930€]. ‘Why do people keep AK-47s?’ I ask him.

‘Just as a hobby,’ he explains.


Some of the shooters have become ‘psychos’. Satish knows one, who is the only child of a doctor, and was himself a medical student. Whenever he had a problem at home, he would run away, and do something psychotic. He was always high. He had one eccentricity: after he killed someone, he would take out the brain, and with a sword, make mince out of the brain. Satish chops up the air very fine with his hand, demonstrating.

‘What is he doing now?’ I ask.

‘He has resumed his medical studies.’


[Mohsin, un gangster] followed Daruwala [sa cible] as he left the dog and his visitors to take a leak inside a country bar next door. As he was pissing, Mohsin came up behind him in the bathroom and raised his hand with the gun. It would have been an easy shot, but Mohsin was suddenly struck with a scruple: a man, he thought, should not be shot while he was pissing.




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